Change your adress when you start studying away from home!

If you are moving in order to study at university, you must be registered in the place you are studying. The basic rule is that you must be registered where you live, i.e. where you sleep most nights. Use our e-service Flyttanmälan to report a change of address quickly and easily. All you need is electronic identification such as Mobile BankID.

It's a crime not beeing registered where you live and it can lead to fines or prison. 

You can read more here about that here


If you are moving to Sweden to study

If you are moving to Sweden to study, please visit the page about moving to Sweden.

» Moving to Sweden

Studying abroad

If you intend to study abroad for more than one year, you must report your move abroad to the Swedish Tax Agency.

» Moving from Sweden

Notification of moving after studies

Are you an international student? Please remember to notify the Swedish Tax Agency if you move from Sweden after completing your studies. Use the form Notification, Moving Abroad (SKV 7665b).

» Notification, Moving Abroad (SKV 7665b)

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