Residents' club

Local Residents' Association

Many student housing areas have a local residents' association.

The purpose of a residents' association is to protect the residents' interests, by making the residential area as good and nice as possible, and to speak for the residents against the landlord.

Many of the associations have a variety of activities and services for its members. There is everything from parties to the lease / lending of, for example, sewingmachines, drills, guest beds and bicycles. Membership is usually free.

The oldest housing association was formed in 1964 (Flamman in Linköping).

Kårservice, KOMBO works to actively support the creation of additional residents' associations in Norrköping and Linköping, and to activate those who are now passive.

Norrköping – Boråd

The residents' associations in Norrköping is called Boråd.
Even though Norrköping haven't had student housing very long (since 1997) it now has many different housing areas. 

Linköping – Förtroenderåd (FR)

Linköping have fewer but bigger student housing areas. Most of the residents' associations in Linköping is called Förtroenderåd. The oldest Förtroenderåd was formed at Flamman when the first student housing was built in 1964.


All areas don't have active residents' associations, please contact us if you want to know if your area have an active association or if you are interested in activating the association.


To learn more about Residents' Clubs, which are active, about what they do and how everything works click on The Residents' Club guide


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