Tenant association


KOMBO is a free tenant association for students at Linköping University. We are happy to help you with guidance regarding accommodation issues, on how to find an apartment and how to organize a local residents' association.

The name KOMBO is an abbreviation of Kårservice Organ för Medbestämmande i BOendefrågor – which roughly translates to Kårservice's Body of Influence on Housing Issues. It is also a word pun since "kombo" also means "roommate" in Swedish.

Do you need help?

We have no monthly fee to be payed before you can receive our assistance. Our help is free because it is provided by the student unions through Kårservice. You don't need to have student housing to use the services or get help; you just need to be a student at Linköping University.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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