Residential areas

Residential areas in Linköping

Below are descriptions of several neighbourhoods in Linköping, both areas where many students live but also some residential areas which more people should look into if they want a cheap accommodation near campus.


Berga is located in the south of Linköping and it takes about 15 minutes to bike to Campus Valla. Getting to the city centre takes approximately 10 minutes on the beautiful bike paths. There is a sculpture park and some greenery in the area. There is no student housing but you can find cheap apartments in this nice area.


In the west part of Linköping you will find Vallastaden, it is one of Sweden's most innovative districts. There are over 1000 apartments, including student apartments, rentals and condominiums. Campus Valla is within walking distance, and you will have green areas nearby, as well shops, restaurants and parks. 


The area for those who want to stay near the University Hospital is Ekkällan. You usually live only one block away from University Hospital and you are also close to Campus Valla, a bike ride of no more than 15 minutes. The city centre is only 10 minutes away.


Gottfridsberg contains both Flamman and Fjärilen. Fjärilen is a four-storey building situated just around the corner from the city centre. It takes about 15 minutes to bike to Campus Valla or the University Hospital. Fjärilen has a sauna and communal spaces while Flamman has a pub and a sauna. An association named FR Flamman is in charge of the pub and they are also the residents’ association for the students living at Flamman. Turn to them if you have questions about your accommodation. Gottfridsberg is located close to Rydsskogen, a popular forest for recreation and exercise.


Only five minutes by bicycle to the Campus Valla and fiftteen minutes to University Hospital is Lambohov. To get to the Linköping city centre, you need to bike six kilometres, but Lambohov has a small town centre with a grocery, pharmacy and restaurant. There is a sauna and communal facilities if you rent from Studentbostäder. This area is quiet and most houses have a courtyard shared with the other two-story houses nearby.


A relatively central neighbourhood is Ramshäll. It’s a 5 minute bike ride to both the city and the University Hospital, 20 minutes to Campus Valla. There is no student housing in the area but you can still find affordable housing close to everything you need in Linköping. For example, Berga Hage is a large recreational area nearby.


In Skäggetorp there is a town centre with almost everything one could need. It takes about 25 minutes to bike to the city centre and it takes 15 minutes to Campus Valla. One of the largest shopping malls in Sweden is located just a short bike ride from Skäggetorp. The area includes soccer fields and is not far Rydsskogen, which is popular among joggers. There is no student housing in the area, but Graflunds and Willhem have apartments in Skäggetorp.


If you want to live close to Stångån, the river that run through Linköping, and be able to walk to the city, Tannefors is the place for you. It takes 10 minutes to bike to the University Hospital and 25 minutes to bike to Campus Valla. The travel centre (Resecentrum) is also nearby. There is a football team in the area and it is also close to the swimming pool and Tinnerbäcksbadet, an artificial lake that is open in the summer.

Östra Valla

Östra Valla is home to both Irrblosset and T1. They are very new and modern and are located between the city centre and Campus Valla. It takes ten minutes to bike to the Campus Valla, the city centre or the University Hospital. There are shops in the area. Both Irrblosset and T1 have a sauna and even a bicycle space for each apartment. Close to Irrblosset is Vallaskogen, a popular recreational area. FR Irrblosset is the housing association for the residents of Irrblosset and is in charge of the gym and sports hall in the area. There are also barbecue areas and a volleyball court in the area. Between T1 and Irrblosset you find VilleValla Pub, a pub which is also well worth a visit.


Ryd is the largest residential area for students in Linköping. It takes only five or ten minutes to bike to Campus Valla and a bus will take you to the city centre in about 15 minutes. Rydsskogen is popular for those who want to get out and run; it has several jogging paths and the longest is 5 km long. There is also disc golf course and several barbecue places in the forest. In Ryd Centrum there is a grocery store, restaurants and convenience stores. Around the neighbourhood there are barbecue areas, several saunas and tennis courts. There is a student-run pub called [hg] which is open to all students. FR Ryd is the residents’ association in Ryd which operates a bicycle repair shop, lends equipment, rents a billiard room and looks after the tennis courts and volleyball courts. Ryd also has a small private gym and a boule court.


Student residential areas in Norrköping

In Norrköping, the properties with student housing are more spread out, which means that we will present properties instead of areas. You can find more information at StudentBo. 


The property is located at Eknäsgatan 5 in the residential area of Klingsberg. It is a fifteen-minute walk to both the city and campus. Vrinnevi forest is 500 meters away and there is a grocery store, etc. in Såpkullen. There is also a sauna as well as a barbecue area in the garden that can be used by the residents. The residents’ association is called BR Assessorn.


At Garvaregatan 10 you'll find Bryggeriet, located between campus and downtown. You are 500 meters from campus and about the same distance from the city centre. The property was renovated in 1997. 


The property is located at the intersection of S:t Persgatan and Kvarngatan, 500 meters from campus. It is also walking distance to all types of services. In the courtyard there is a barbecue area which the residents can use. 


Gripen is located at Gamla Rådstugugatan 28 and is beautifully situated right in the city centre, with a view of the Motala Ström water just below. It has modern kitchens and a spacious study room and is a 4 minute walk from campus. The courtyard was renovated in 2007. If you like, you can get involved in the BR Gripen.


Klockan is newly build and was ready in august 2015. The house is very central and is located at Nygatan 61, between söder tull and väster tull (campusbus stations). This house contains apartments with own kitchen and bathroom. Please note that electricity and water are not included in the rent but are accrued after consumption.


Konstantinopel is located at Skomakaregatan 9 and was completed late in 2003. It is close to most things including campus, which is within walking distance. While you live in the city centre, you need not worry about noise because the house has good sound isolation. There is access to a sauna and a barbecue area in the courtyard.


Marielund is located near Norra promenaden on Bergslagsgatan and it takes eight minutes to walk to campus. This accommodation suits those who want to have neighbours who are not students.


Markattan is located at the intersection of Drottninggatan and Skolgatat only takes about a four minutes to walk to campus. If you do not feel like walking you can take the tram, visible outside the window on Drottninggatan. On the other side of Drottninggatan is St. Olai Park and you are also close to Strömsparken.


At Kungsgatan 3, 5 and 7 is Norrtull. You are close to all kinds of shops and convenience stores and there are both tram and bus stops nearby. Norra promenaden is nearby and the property is only 500 meters from campus. 


Pelikanen is located at Knäppingsborgsgatan 7. It is close to all kinds of services as well as trams, a park and a church.


This property is located at Bredgatan 46. This is an old house from 1903 but was renovated in 1997. Its neighbours include Campus Norrköping and Kåkenhus. Just a hundred meters away are various shops and restaurants. Down in the courtyard there is a barbecue area. You can go down to Strömmen to sunbathe by the water. Studentbo’s office is on the ground floor.


Vattentornet is located in an old water tower at Lennings gata 2. It overlooks the entire city and it takes only a few minutes to walk to campus. BR Vattentornet is the residents’ association and they have a pub for students on the ground floor. 


Kopparhusen contains both student apartments and regular apartments. The neighbourhood connects the industrial landscape, Linköping University and the city centre. Motala Ström and the football arena are located nearby. Kopparhusen is close to both restaurants and shops, and the city centre is within a short walking distance. 


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